Book Review Audacious by Beth Moore

Book Review Audacious by Beth Moore

Book Review Audacious By Beth Moore


Audacious Intrepidly Daring, Adventurous, Bold, Marked by Originality & Verve

Do you love me?

Jesus asked Peter.  And He is asking us, Do we love him?

The answer for that will vary.  But the results show by our actions.   

  • We may respect Him,
  • We may think He is a good man,
  • We may think He was radical 

But do we love Him?

The truth is if we love Him we have a foundation to be the kind of Christian that can light up the world.  

  • The kind of Christian that is the light on a hill for all to see.
  • The kind of Christian that is salty and has not remotely lost their flavor.
  • The kind of Christian that has trials and tribulations but their hope is not lost because they know who they hope in.  

 Book review of Audacious by Beth Moore   Book review of Audacious by Beth Moore

Book review of Audacious by Beth Moore   Book review of Audacious by Beth Moore

If that is your aim then this is the book for you.   This is about having a love for God that takes audacity.  

If you only knew John 4:10 NLT


 If you only knew, your heart would be so swept up in audacious love that nothing could keep you from the life you were born to live. 

Did I like the book?

YES!  starting with what is above.   I mean that is my goal.  

The liberal use and weaving of scripture throughout the book was expected and appreciated.   

 I will say based on the title I was a little unsure what I was getting into.   But it was a trip well worth the time and effort.   The back jacket says it is the path you were born to live.   I agree.  

I picked this up because I was interested in a simulcast or adding some faith travel to my world and Beth Moore was going to be close by.  I thought before you travel and pay for the ticket you may want to make sure you agree with what she is saying .   I do I wholeheartedly do.  

 This was a fast read,   It is 12 chapters.  And I generally do a chapter a night so I have time to think and digest what was in the previous chapter.  


She gives suggestions as to what to do in the most polite southern way.  I almost missed them.  But they are there.  

What is behind this book is meat no fluff here.  I love that.   But even with it being meat it is not scholarly or over the top.  She is relatable with her stories and hurts and pains.  

What Gave me pause.

I will say that maybe because I was reading right before I went to bed (and my mind was a little muddled and burnt out due to the day) but sometimes it seemed a bit long and a little weaving to get to the heart of the matter.  But also I am a rather direct person who likes to get in and get out soooo take that with a grain of salt. 

I find that often God uses sermons and books to confirm what he has already told me.  I am a little dense in getting the message or maybe I hesitate because it involves more than I want to do.  But this book confirmed a few things.  

 We are looking for Jesus

She also asked some questions that were excellent on keeping me on point.  

Book Review Audacious by Beth Moore


Book Review Audacious by Beth Moore

The answer to that last question of what we really want is to be  JESUS! 

Jesus Replied Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind.  Matthew 22:37


 Beth Moore is

  • a wife and mother to two adult daughters
  • an author of multiple books and Bible Studies
  • a speaker and teacher
  • the president and founder of Living Proof Ministries.
  • Find more about her on her website Living Proof Ministries
  • or on Facebook
  • or Instagram


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