Book Review Hope in the Dark Craig Groeschel

Book Review Hope in the Dark Craig Groeschel

For me to really love a book

  • I have to laugh several times,

  • It needs to be written for everyone, not just the scholarly (most days I am reading either early in the morning or before bed neither a good time to take on anything too deep)

  • It needs to give action points or suggestions.

  • It needs to refer to scripture frequently

  • It needs to be based on scripture.

Hope in the Dark by Craig Groeschel

What I like/love

He is totally honest in his introduction when he gives you a heads up that this book will NOT be like his others. In his other books, he uses humor but there is not much in this book which is understandable.

This book is necessary. Sometimes we have the ideal that we are to have a perfect life. But if you are a Christian that is not happening. We need to be ready for the valleys so we can learn through them so we can help someone else learn through what they are going through.

This book is for those who

  • have lost a job

  • have lost a child

  • have been divorced or are being divorced

  • have or are having marriage issues

  • had or are having health issues

  • and have asked HOW can a good God do this?

Book Review Hope in the Dark By Craig Groeschel

Would it surprise you to know that the pastor of a megachurch was shocked when he started reading the Bible to find stories of people who had doubts?

SIDE NOTE This is why it is important to read the whole Bible not just avail yourself of the verse of the day or just a story or two. Also why it is important to make sure your church is preaching the whole BIBLE not just the highlights.

He gives suggestions regarding what steps to take as you go through this valley/journey.

Do I recommend it? Oh my gosh YES!!!!!

Even if you are on a mountaintop right now read it for later read it for a friend.

It is a short but mighty book. It has 3 parts and each part has 5 sections.

He is asking the questions we ask when we are in our valleys. Most important he is answering them from the scriptures.

This book is for men or women who need to find their way back to God, those who had faith and just need some help getting back to where life kicked in their teeth and they fell off or stumbled or just sat down on the narrow path.

If you choose to read it come back and let me know what you thought of the book. I would love to know.

AND if you need prayer please send me a prayer request via my contact me page below.

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