Life Interrupted By Priscilla Shirer

Book Review; Life Interrupted By Priscilla Shirer

Book Review Life Interrupted By Priscilla Shirer

I am being more intentional in my reading life.

2018 saw me read a record number of Christian books fiction and non-fiction. Some I picked up due to curiosity and some due to a question or situation I found myself in.

For me to really love a book

  • I have to laugh several times,

  • It needs to be written for everyone, not just the scholarly (most days I am reading either early in the morning or before bed neither a good time to take on anything too deep)

  • It needs to give action points or suggestions.

  • It needs to refer to scripture frequently.

  • It needs to be based on scripture, not someone's opinion.

Life Interrupted was excellent.

 Book review Life Interrupted By Priscilla Shirer

Divine Interventions



She is so relatable as a mother. She gives multiple peeks into her family and her life past and present.

Yes, she used a Greek word but explained it well.

5 parts to the book with 3 chapters each. So it was a fast read.

I chose, however, to stop after a chapter or two so I could think on the questions she asked or really digest what was revealed.

The table of Contents

Not preaching from a pedestal. She is open with her mistakes and they are ones I would make or have made.

Not stiff in her writing, it is like she is having a conversation with you.

While it focused on the book of Jonah it brings in other scriptures.

Questions are throughout the chapters to make you stop and take stock of yourself (if you are so inclined).

Do I recommend? YES

Why do I recommend this book?

It can change your thought pattern on the way we perceive interruptions.

It can give you help to work on your plan to embrace interruptions.

As mentioned above the questions really make you think about where you are in our life. Below is an example of some of the many questions that are throughout the book helping you dig deeper and become better.

 Life Interrupted By Priscilla Shirer


I like that she also gives firm suggestions - statements of what to do next, what to expect, or why something might be happening.



Life Interrupted By Priscilla Shirer


 This book is for men and women who want to embrace the plan that God has for their lives instead of clashing or running away from it. It helps us see the possibilities of leaning into God’s Plan for our lives.


If you decide to check it out let me know I would love to know what you thought.

Priscilla Shirer is

  • Daughter of Tony and Lois Evans ( YES that Tony Evans) .

  • Graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary

  • Wife to Jerry Shirer

  • Mother to 3 boys

  • Author of multiple books

  • Speaker ( I am going to figure out how to see her live)

  • for more information check out her website GOING BEYOND

  • also check out her Facebook page

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