Galatians 6:4-5

Does Your Social Media Include God?

How Does Social Media Make You Feel?

I recently took a week off of actively posting on Twitter and Facebook (mostly).  This is not the first time I have done this.  Each time I always feel peaceful and relaxed and content.  Before I had a business I rarely got on social media.  Every three to four months I would check up on out of town friends and family then I was off for another few months. 

  • I just did not enjoy the way people just put on the high points of their lives.

  • I did not enjoy the ugliness of the comments to posts.

  • I did not like the way I felt after I spent time on there.

  • I did not like the hypocrisy, the lies, the double talk.

Plus you must remember I am a private introvert and people putting all that information out there just boggled my mind.  

Eventually, I learned to remove some people from my feed and add others that were encouraging and speaking fresh words.  But even with that restarting social media once I started a business was not something I looked forward to.  I stumbled upon Jennifer Bennett on Twitter and was intrigued.  A month or two after starting to follow her she released a book  Be Worth Following.   

 Be Worth Following

It never ceases to amaze me how God puts things in your path at the right time.  The book is not a long read but you should take your time going through it to get the most out of it.   First I loved that it is BIBLE based and the prime verse is this...

Galatians 6:4-5

Each chapter comes with tips for social media some of which I was breaking (sorry) and most important are the questions she poses throughout the chapter and at the end.   Some of the questions I had already answered such as who is your ideal client?  

I encourage and support Jesus-loving Christians by reminding them of God's words so we can be stronger together.

Some of the questions had me stumped for a while. Such as what does success look like to you? and What do I want God to do for me? 

BUT that is good because that is how you grow, you have to be challenged.  If you are new to social media or in this age of division you want to make sure you are not a cause pick up this book spend some time with it. 

This book connects our purpose as Christians to our purpose as social media users.  I encourage you to read the book.  She is one of many women I have come across since reentering social media that want to uplift Jesus and help others do so.   She is encouraging us to put our best foot forward and if you are not sure which foot that is, really check out the book. 

We can have an impact whether good or bad is up to you.

So I ask you is what you are posting and tweeting bringing you glory or God? 

 Would someone know by your feed that you are a Christian? 


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