Faith Hebrews 11:1

Faith That Builds a Business

The road to and for the small business owner can be interesting, hard, and overwhelming.   

It starts with an idea and sometimes that is where it stays because we stop (which is good) and consider, do I have what it takes to do this?   Unfortunately, sometimes the decision is no, not going to happen. 

The reasons of 

  • money,
  • skills 
  • time,
  • courage,
  • influence,
  • knowledge,
  • expertise,
  • too young,& too old, 
  • under-qualified,
  • we are married,
  • we have kids,
  • we homeschool,
  • we lack support from others. 

All can be factors.  

To start a business is to take a leap of faith usually. A person rarely has nothing else on their plates, so therefore they start a business. No, we are Christians, mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, friends, churchgoers, church volunteers, volunteers, shuttle service for the kids, homeschool teachers, caregivers for parents, on top of some who have full-time jobs. So adding another thing such as a business can be a step of faith that we will be able to have time and energy to serve it well.  

If prayerfully the idea came from God, we know He will provide but I can tell you

  • His timing and my timing  
  • His plan and my plan 
  • His purpose vs. my purpose is way different

The tension that is created as we learn to accept His way and acquiesce to ours. The tension that is created when we accept His plan does not include hustling and grinding to the point where you lose your family, your witness, and your relationship with Him. No, His way and His plan are all in His purpose, and relationship with Him.  This business, your business, is a way to utilize the gifts He has blessed you with, and therefore, for you to get full use of them, we must do things His way. THAT TAKES FAITH.

Your business takes faith

Myself, I have wanted my own business all my life, but the timing was wrong. When I felt God give me the OK, I started learning. But even then, I did what so many of us do: I checked my wallet before I checked my faith and along the way, to this point, I have thought of a myriad of excuses.  

The reasons of: 

  • money, YEP
  • skills, definitely
  • time, oh so very much
  • courage, YEP, I am a fearful thing
  • influence, I did/do not trust what God has created in me
  • knowledge, YES
  • expertise, in the industry, in the styles, in everything 
  • too young,& too old, How can you be both, but I have used both excuses
  • I am married, I need to focus on my spouse; I don't have time for this.
  • we have kids, I need to focus on my kids; I don’t have time for this
  • we homeschool, More time, energy, mental and physical, etc. gone
  • We lack support from others, did I mention I know very few people?

All were thought processes I had to work through to get to this point. It took building a relationship with God where I trusted and had faith in who, what, and how He created me. I had to have faith in where He was leading because I cannot see 5 years from now; I can only see and feel now.   

Starting the business took money, time, energy, and brain power I could have used elsewhere in my life.   

If you build it, they will come.

That so did not happen. Once up and running, no one came and beat down the door. I got a few compliments when I wore my creations but no "OMG, where can I buy that?". Throughout the years, I have gotten some suggestions from others regarding my business. I always listen and started taking them to God. He has typically told me that the path I am on is good; if tweaks or changes were necessary, they were made.     

I have evolved over the years. I am more firmly committed to my mission of encouraging Christians with words from the Bible. I am clearer on why my reasoning of not encouraging with fluffy words or well-known sayings but specifically choosing the Bible is a result of increased faith and obedience to God.  

My mission has evolved over the years, also it is now...

To encourage Christian women to focus and internalize God and His words so that they can have a life and home where the 

  • love,
  • grace,
  • mercy,
  • joy,
  • peace, and 
  • presence of God is felt.

So that we can shine and thrive as God wants and intends for us to do.

Olive Grove life is about choosing the narrow path and being a light in this dark world.  But beyond that, it is recognizing we need reminders to: 

  • remember how great our God is (His principles, power, character, attributes);
  • remember to keep training to be a great Christian;
  • realize and embrace our spiritual identity;
  • utilize and remember the great resource that is the Bible.

And we do all this not to be famous, we do it to be fruitful, to give God the glory He so richly deserves. 

Faith in God built this business and will continue to build this business. Every part of me screams, “this is not comfortable”,  but faith is not comfortable. It is stepping out into what is not seen and trusting God to provide. 

If this mission resonates with you, check out our shop. Please consider supporting us as we continue to build our faith. Also, consider signing up for our newsletter.  


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