Love changes things

Love changes things

I was talking recently to a collegue and they mentioned that the reason to know or be reminded of the words of God and how He loves us is self esteem.   While yes I do struggle with self esteem I think the main reason I love to be reminded of the love God has for me is because it helps to form my spiritual identity.  

One of the reasons I believe I left/fell off the narrow path is because I did not accept and walk in the new spiritual identity I had as a child of God.  

God calls us many things that for some reason we do not accept.  Or sometimes we do not know or we forget in the storms and valleys.   

For that reason I create reminders to help us remember or know His promises or what He calls us or has said.   

Of all the things He called us the one I am so blessed and grateful for is LOVED. 

He who does not love does not know God for God is love. 1 John 4:8

As God is love it makes sense that so much power and new beginnings come from His love.

When we are at our worst and hurting what we most need is love. 

We need love that doesn't

  • judge us
  • kick us when we are down
  • gossip about us
  • abandon us
  • hurt us

We need the kind of love that can help us crawl out of the gutter we have been in.

We need the kind of love that gives us the strength to crawl out and rise up and walk past those who know our past and hold up our head because if God has forgiven us what does the snickering and backbiting of people matter?

This is the love I found when I stated visiting the Bible on my way back to God.

It is the kind of love that has, can, and will change the world.

Believing that I am LOVED!

Gives me the courage to get up and do hard things

Gives me the courage to step out of the shadows where I am comfortable and into the front  (if that is where He wants me)

Gives me the courage to be still and know His voice and His words and His direction.

Gives me the courage to be the unique creation He has made me to be (even if there are a few false starts and missed steps)

Gives me strength to stop people pleasing

I say all that to say I hope that you are sure of His love for you because when you are  you are on your way to a strong spiritual identity!


Let me know what you think. 

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