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Book Review Hope in the Dark Craig Groeschel

For me to really love a book I have to laugh several times, It needs to be written for everyone, not just the scholarly (most days I am reading either early in the morning or before bed neither a good time to take on anything too deep) It needs to give action points or suggestions. It needs to refer to scripture frequently It needs to be based on scripture. What I like/love He is totally honest in his introduction when he gives you a heads up that this book will NOT be like his others. In his other books, he uses humor but there is not much in this book which is understandable. This book is necessary. Sometimes we have...

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Does Your Social Media Include God?

I recently took a week off of actively posting on Twitter and Facebook (mostly).  This is not the first time I have done this.  Each time I always feel peaceful and relaxed and content.  Before I had a business I rarely got on social media.  Every three to four months I would check up on out of town friends and family then I was off for another few months.  I just did not enjoy the way people just put on the high points of their lives. I did not enjoy the ugliness of the comments to posts. I did not like the way I felt after I spent time on there. I did not like the hypocrisy, the lies, the...

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