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Book Review Gideon Bible study by Priscilla Shirer

  Another winner By Mrs Shirer  I did this when it was offered by Lifeway. So got to get the video portions also for free.     The videos are powerful. and worth the money if you are taking on your own later.  It gave me a good start for each chapter.      Why did I decide to do this Bible study?  The front of the book says Gideon Your weakness God;s Stength.  The back says God can use your weakness.             And I have plenty of weak areas in my life.  I am in a season of overwhelm, feeling inexperienced with my shop and insufficient occasionally with my children and other areas.  So yes this was...

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Training vs Trying which one is right for Christians?

I am not sure I ever consciously thought I am not good at this Christian thing I am just going to walk away.  But I did walk away.  I think because of several things, one is not knowing that this is a process and if I keep doing this in my strength I will not be able to do it.  But if I train with the Holy Spirit all things are possible.    Think about it when you are trying something new how much easier is it with a guide, a mentor, a helper, a comforter?   That is what the Holy Spirit is for us.  He comes alongside us and shows so much. We do not realize we must train...

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Book Review Audacious by Beth Moore

  Do you love me? Jesus asked Peter.  And He is asking us, Do we love him? The answer for that will vary.  But the results show by our actions.    We may respect Him, We may think He is a good man, We may think He was radical  But do we love Him? The truth is if we love Him we have a foundation to be the kind of Christian that can light up the world.   The kind of Christian that is the light on a hill for all to see. The kind of Christian that is salty and has not remotely lost their flavor. The kind of Christian that has trials and tribulations but their hope is not...

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5 Best Gifts for Jesus

 Ever picked out a gift for someone you really like?    Did you know what to get them because you spend so much time with them and know them like you know yourself?   Or did you have to really think about it and go back and forth between different options? Did you ask the salesperson what they thought?   Did you go over your preferred spending level hoping they would be more inclined to like it?    When you gave it to them did you feel confident that this is right this will make their day?      We are in Christmas season, the most wonderful time of the year.   And can I suggest you think of it just a touch...

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Why I Love Christmas Hymns

Don’t get me wrong I really like Eartha Kitt and Santa Baby or the Grinch by most anyone or My Growns up Christmas wish etc. But what has my heart is Christmas hymns. Did you know that Sirius XM has 15 channels dedicated to holiday music? FIFTEEN. But notice it is holiday music not CHRISTmas music. There is a difference. What the song is about is the difference. Is it about the reason for the season or is it about the weather or the Grinch (love that song) or who is coming to town or down your chimney or who you saw momma kissing? Definitions of hymn - a religious song or poem, typically of praise to God or a...

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