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Training vs Trying which one is right for Christians?

I am not sure I ever consciously thought I am not good at this Christian thing I am just going to walk away.  But I did walk away.  I think because of several things, one is not knowing that this is a process and if I keep doing this in my strength I will not be able to do it.  But if I train with the Holy Spirit all things are possible.    Think about it when you are trying something new how much easier is it with a guide, a mentor, a helper, a comforter?   That is what the Holy Spirit is for us.  He comes alongside us and shows so much. We do not realize we must train...

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My word of the 2020 is EFFORT!

      The word effort has been cycling around my head for the past 3 to 4 months.    It has become more frequent as we got closer to the new year.   I think it is important though to explain a few things though. This effort is not as in hustle or grind or even strive.  This is effort as you must put in the effort to get out of your comfort zone.   The past few years I have been taking tiny steps out of my comfort zone in different areas of my life.  This year though the Lord is leading me to make more of an effort to trust that growth is worth the discomfort. I do not take...

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Do Something Different This Year.

Instead of the usual. This year I have written out dreams and goals. And I am putting them in front of God to let Him tell me the plan for this year. I will be praying and fasting over my dreams and goals. These dreams and goals are not only for this business but for my family, for our home school, for my marriage, for my children, and for my witness.     Recently in all the reviewing of the old year and plan for the new year, I got some exciting news.   News a long time coming.   News I did not always believe was possible but it happened.   Before I started making a bunch of phone...

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Improve Your Year by Understanding Your Assignments.

Written 1-23-18 January with its snow and chill is almost over and I wanted to just share something that has been very thought-provoking for me.  One of the things my hubby, awesome man that he is, got me was a three pack of Mandisa CDs for Christmas.   I could not wait for everyone to get out of the house and have a private praise/dance party.  When it happened I had a blast and thought to myself why did I ever stop doing this?   So I decided that one of my goals is to have myself a praise party at least 2 times a month.  I am not one to have my goals (I do goals not resolutions) ready on January...

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