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Tuesday Tunes Lead me by Janice Gaines

  Bringing this back especially since I found Spotify.    I should say that I have been aware of Spotify as it shows up as a bill but did not realize all that I was missing.   I wanted more variety in my music this definitely supplies it.  I believe music can do wonders for us.  Don't get me wrong nothing replaces the word of God. But music is an awesome way to get out of our heads and refocus on God.   It helps us praise and thank God as stated in the following verse.    It came even to pass, as the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the Lord;...

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One on One by Zacardi Cortez

I do not remember when I heard this song.  But I know it struck me.  One on One time with GOD.   Just stop and think about that.  One on one time with God.  We need that daily at the absolute least most days I need hourly time.   And no, it is not selfish it is one of the best things you can do with your time. It does not matter if it has been a while just drop to your knees or not and talk to the Lord.        What song has been encouraging you this week? 1 on 1 by Zacardi Cortez I, I just need my one on one time with youWith no, no interruptions I just...

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Encouraging Lyrics Tuesday Tunes Lifeline Mandisa

Music makes the world go round I do not know about you but whenever I get frustrated or down one of my go tos is good Christian music.  It really reminds me what is really important.  You need to pick the right song for this because everything doesn't but that is why you create a playlist.  I was thinking what would help someone else who is down who is out who is struggling.   This is something I hope to incorporate into a regular basis music lyrics.  But the music lyrics, you have to have the right lyrics for it to hit you at the right spot and refocus you on our God.  Don't get me wrong I love a good...

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Encouraging Lyrics Heaven Fix things Jamie Grace

Tuesday Tunes Encouraging Lyrics Heaven (Fix Things) by Jamie Grace  [Verse 1]I know your historyYou are the One who seesAnd You fix thingsI've read it in a BookAnd I've heard it from my friends that YouYou fix thingsAnd I believe...[Chorus 1]Everything that's broken is in Your handsAnd You hold the power to turn mountains into sandAnd You can make a river out of dry landBut You won't always fix thingsOn this side of heaven, heaven, heavenOn this side of heaven, heaven, heaven[Verse 2]I've welcomed You insideMy empty life and YouYou fix thingsMended relationshipsAnd made me better than I've ever been, yeah YouYou fix thingsAnd I believe.. [Chorus 1]Everything that's broken is in Your handsAnd You hold the power to turn...

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Encouraging Lyrics: Just a Closer Walk With Thee by Mahalia Jackson

This song takes me back to Saturday mornings.   We would clean the house.   My parents had a great collection of Christian music records, that is what we listened to as we cleaned. I prefer the same tradition of music to clean or any chore.   Music just makes things a little easier. I love the theme of this song.  A closer walk with thee is what we should all aim for.    I am weak but thou are strong we need to recognize our weakness and be okay with it so that we can get our strength from the person who can supply us, Jesus.      Just a Closer Walk with Thee  Mahalia Jackson I am weak but ThouArt strong JesusKeep meFrom all...

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