Terrifying and thrilling art print collection

Terrifying and thrilling art print collection


I must be crazy, is a thought I just had. Maybe you have had that same thought about pursuing a dream?  Maybe fear and doubt have settled in the bottom of your stomach and you just are not able to move forward?

I gotta say when I think of the moves I have been making in faith. And the things I have done in faith.it is a little terrifying. No, going to change that it is very terrifying.

But I am also thankful for what God has allowed me to create. This is the first collection I have attempted. I have tried several times to do 1 Corinthians 13 but just did not ever come up with anything I was happy with. I finally have.

I do not know if it will flop or if it will change my generational line. I do know that God got me here. God wants me here and here is holy. I take this moment and focus on Him, my helper, my guide, my strength, my hope, my joy. When I focus on Him I feel so much more certain of the steps I have taken and am taking, because I am in His will.

This collection is a little personal because it is brown faces on the prints.  I have never used faces on prints before.  But this felt really right.   It also felt empowering after the past few years.  

1 Corinthians 13:6 Art Print NKJV

I am brown I am African American.  I am married to a brown man and mother of two brown young men, sister to a brown brother, and mother to a brown daughter.  I want representation in my art.   I want representation in my city, I want representation in my country.  This collection is representation I could do and I did.

 This collection for me is a mix of faith and love.  It is me taking a victory lap before released to the world because

  • this road has been very hard
  • this road has been very long
  • this road has caused me to cry so much (I mean the ugly cry, the in the shower cry so hopefully the shower drowns out the noise)
  • This road has stretched me

And I want you to understand that this road does not just include these particular prints or even Olive Grove Life. 

  • This road includes my relationships. 
  • This road includes emotional health
  • This road includes spiritual health
  • This road includes growing in leadership even if right now I am a solopreneauer.

So I am going to sit down for a moment and breath and enjoy this moment before things get crazy or things get low.  

Can I ask you when was the last time you took a victory lap?   

When was the last time you celebrated yourself you know the fact that you are still standing, that you did not stay down but you got back up?  

It feels weird to do a victory lap when you are not used to being celebrated or celebrating yourself.  But I have earned this and God is a God of celebration so I am going to do so.  

Keeping you in my prayers! 




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