The First Noel

Why I Love Christmas Hymns

Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

Don’t get me wrong I really like Eartha Kitt and Santa Baby or the Grinch by most anyone or My Grown up Christmas wish etc.

But what has my heart is Christmas hymns.

Little Town of Bethlehem.

Did you know that Sirius XM has 15 channels dedicated to holiday music? FIFTEEN.

But notice it is holiday music not CHRISTmas music.

There is a difference. What the song is about is the difference.

Is it about the reason for the season or is it about the weather or the Grinch (love that song) or who is coming to town or down your chimney or who you saw momma kissing?

Definitions of hymn - a religious song or poem, typically of praise to God or a god.

What child.

I guess that right there explains why I like hymns. They praise God.

If you look at the verses of some of the classics you will find it in there the praise and the words or stories from the Bible, which is why I love them so much.

Away in a manger.

I generally have Christian music running in my house. I love to have songs that get stuck in my child’s heads that will give them the words to praise GOD.

I pray your holidays are filled with GOD.

I pray your holidays are filled with the word of God in all forms from songs of praise to readings to devotionals.


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