Why my devotion is NOT the first thing I do in the morning

Why my devotion is NOT the first thing I do in the morning

Isaiah 26:3

I know to start off the day with God is very important.

For years that was not what I was doing. I may have managed a chapter here or there, but nothing planned & nothing organized.  

Then I found the daily Bible and gave it a go. I think I may have made it to January 20th or so before  I was skipping days and popping in and out before just giving up.  The next year I tried again.  I made it further and kept popping in and out.  The next year YES!  I made it.   Well, there were makeup days involved but I did it.  

I am now a through the Bible in a year reader for at least 4 years straight.  YES ... with makeup days. 

And while I generally get to the Bible first thing in my morning it is not always been the most productive time spent.  

It went something like this... 

Get to desk got my Bible start reading... oh I am thirsty let's go get some water and off I am to get water.

Back to desk and Bible and reading ... I need to remember to make a menu for next week  & grocery list.  Write that down. 

Back to Bible and reading…Oh I need to ask mom about this weekend write that down.

Back to Bible and reading… Oh I need to get the meat out to thaw….go do that…

Sensing a theme?  Distractions and basic needs kept me from focusing on and in my devotional time.  

So now I take care of all that first.  I look at my planner and add whatever I can think of (I also do this at night so I can rest a little easier).  I get my drink on the way to my desk.  

Yes, I sit at a desk. Next to it on a chair is my concordance, my commentary, and other Bible reference books.  I find it helpful to sit here so I do not have to get up to go find them and I am more likely to utilize them if they are right there. 

Because while reading the Bible is great, understanding it and using it in the correct context is necessary. 

Remember the devil tempting Jesus? He used scriptures also but out of context.   

So why is it so important to read the Bible?  I cannot say why others do but  I read it to... 

  • Learn more about God

  • Read and discover more of God's promises

  • find out how the scriptures used correctly apply to this world

  • Learn how we are to proceed through it on our path to our heavenly home.

  • Have hope

  • Gain wisdom

  • Gain peace

  • & so much more

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Both Photos by Carolyn V on Unsplash

As mentioned before I came back to God and the church due to the Bible, not a church.   All that training and reading and memorizing my father strongly encouraged as a child kept floating back through.  When times got tough a verse would pop up.

Slowly I realized people are not always reliable and I remembered the faith of my father and got in the Bible. 

The Bible, the inspired words of God, gave me my life back.

My life is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but what gives me hope to get up each morning is if I am still breathing God has a purpose for me and I best be about my Father's business. 

And while reading my Bible is not the absolute first thing in my morning.  It is the most important thing in my morning.   

I try to go into my devotion time with a focus on God and expectancy that something new is revealed to me.   I go to get closer to God because through understanding someone you get closer. And spending time in his word helps me understand what He is saying to me.    

 What are your devotion habits?   What are you hoping to change or increase?  Comment below!   

Need some resources for your Bible study?  Check out my Pinterest board for Bible 

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