Let Your Light Shine Bright: An Encouragement for Christian Women to be a Shining Example

Let Your Light Shine Bright: An Encouragement for Christian Women to be a Shining Example

The purpose of Olive Grove Life is to 

Encourage Christian women to focus on God and His words so that they can have a life and home where the
  • love 
  • grace 
  • mercy
  • joy 
  • peace  and
  • presence of God is felt.
So that we can thrive and shine as God wants and intends for us to do. 
Olive Grove Life is about choosing the narrow path and being a light in this dark world.  But beyond that, it is recognizing that we need reminders to 
  • remember how great is our God
  • remember to keep training to be a great Christian
  • realize and embrace our spiritual identity
  • utilize and remember the great resource that is the Bible.
and we do all that not to be famous but to be fruitful.  
WHEW that is a mouthful!  
LET me explain shining.
In this day of instant gratification and Instant fame, tik-tok, Instagram, Facebook etc etc etc.  shining for your glory and fame can be easy but that is cultures way.  As kingdom daughters we shine for a different purpose. As Christian women, we have the incredible opportunity to let our light shine brightly no matter the circumstances. No matter how hard things get, we can still find joy in being a source of light and hope for those around us. But what does it look like to truly shine? Let’s explore this further. It is easy to shine  so the question becomes why? 


We are to shine to give God glory.   
       Matthew 5:16  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.
      Luke 11:36  Therefore, if your whole body is full of light, and no part of it dark, it will be just as full of light as when a lamp shines its light on you.”
We benefit no one by playing small. God given dreams and assignments have purpose and the purpose is for His glory if we shrink back because of fear we have let the enemy win. 

Don't shrink

 If we shink back because we don't think we are good enough we are choosing not to believe what God says and thinks about us as true.   
If we shrink back because it is uncomfortable we are choosing to stay in a safe place and not to walk in faith.  Faith that says I know who holds the future and I know that what He plans is good.

The Power of Your Example

One way to honor God and bring glory to His name is by setting an example for other people in our lives. This could be anything from living out our faith through acts of service or simply living a life that reflects our values and beliefs. Our actions are powerful, so it’s important to remember that what we do speaks louder than what we say. If we want to be effective lights in this world, then it starts with living out our faith every single day.

Purpose benefits God

 Then there is the issue of when we walk in purpose we benefit others as God intended. Someone needs what you are holding back the gifts and talents that God gave you which will not be taken back are not for you they are for others.  Yes you may enjoy them but they were given to you for you to serve others. 
 We each have special abilities that are unique to us—and when used for God’s glory—can have an incredible impact on the world around us. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you don’t have any special talents; there are always ways for you to use what you already know or learn something new—all with the goal of bringing glory to God! You never know who could be impacted by your gifts and talents when shared with humility and grace!
  •  There is someone needing the cake you can make. 
  • There is someone needing the encouragement that you give.   
  • There is someone needing a counselor who puts the client first and is sensitive to God's moving and voice.   
  • There is someone who needs a coach who is a Jesus Lover and will pray with the team.  
What you have someone is waiting on you.  
So how does me walking in my purpose bring glory and honor  to God?  Reread Matthew 5:16  the purpose is to bring Glory and honor to God
   Because we will have to walk in uncertainty we build a  relationship with God.  When you are walking through uncertain times you tend to pray more, you tend to read you bible more. You choose a sermon over Netflix,  You choose to be quiet with God instead of out to lunch with friends,   There are a lot of choices you make that can help you through  times of uncertainty. 
 Besides a relationship with you  God wants you to level up your faith.   When you are walking in purpose there will be times when things are not going well but you will have to trust what God  told you.   There will be times when you do not get the result or have the impact you thought was sure to happen and yes -you have to trust God.

Sharing Your Story

Finally, one of the most powerful ways we can share Christ’s love is simply through sharing our stories with others. We all have stories about how God has moved in our lives—whether it's stories of healing or redemption or strength or courage—and these stories are powerful tools for spreading hope and encouragement throughout the world. When we share these stories, others can see how God works even in the midst of hard times and difficult situations—which is a beautiful thing!

 As Christian women, it's so important for us to remember that our greatest purpose is not just about ourselves but about shining a bright light into dark places so that others may see Jesus' glory more clearly. When we take on this calling and commit ourselves fully to being vessels of His love, amazing things can happen! So let's continue striving together toward shining brighter each day! Let's remember that no matter where life takes us, Jesus will always be there guiding us along the way—so let's keep pressing forward towards Him!
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