How to download your free print!

WOO HOO you signed up to get a free downloadable print.

The John 3:16 is created to be landscape 36x24

The Hebrews 11:1 print (Thanksgiving thank you) is created to be portrait 18x24.

What's next you ask?

Let me walk you through that


1)When you click the link it should open like below.  

Download it onto your computer. 

Remember the folder or file that you save it to or just to keep it simple save onto your desktop.


2) Decide where you are wanting to print it out.

Office depot/Max


UPS store

Fedex Office

For this I used Office Depot/Max but my experience with Staples is similiar

3) on the home page of Supply store you should find an option for services under that is the option for printing.

once you click the link for posters it will give you some options.

You want custom posters. Click customize

4) it will ask some questions 

Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal)l?

Size you want printed? 

once you have that filled out click continue  

5) it will ask you to upload the file

 You are uploading from your device 

You are uploading your own design (sort of) 

It is a pdf. Click get started.

Next screen should be similiar to this. 


when you click on my device your file manager will open 

On the left side is a list of place where you could have put the file

Did you put it on your desktop?  look in that folder.  


Once you see the file Farm House John 3 16  click on it and then down below open.  

it may take a momen to upload.  Remember good things are worth the wait!

Once it has uploaded it should be the full size of the artboard on the screen if not there is a blue line underneath you can use to resize it.  Or reload the page.

The price to print it is below make sure you are okay with that.  If not maybe get it in a smaller size.  

Click print options

it will come up with a screen for various options you can take.  

I suggest matte paper  but beyond that it is up to you! 

in the corner click review 

this gives you a chance to review the choices you have made before they become final.  


Once you are happy click approve and add to cart 

Your product was added to your cart you can click proceed to checkout and you got it from here!  

One thing some stores offer shipping which has additional costs and time.  So double check what pops up at the end.  

I would love to see your print in your home!  

If you are on social media and post it there could you tag me at @oliveblessed5 for Instagram or Facebook.  I really do not do much else at this point.  

Thanks any questions? shoot me an email at

Have a blessed day.  

OOOOh and let me know when conversations are caused by the print!