Person behind the brand




Do you 

  •  Love the Lord?
Are you 
  • Not perfect but loved by a perfect God?
  • Struggling on the narrow road?  

Believe that 

  • Our strength and purpose comes from God and his words are crucial. 


So do I. 


Let us make a joyful noise unto the Lord together.

 I am homeschooling mother of 3 with introvert tendencies. 

I have fallen off the narrow path multiple times from high school to my non-spiritual sabbatical (got that from T.D. Jakes)  otherwise known as college. 

For years I was a Christian with little to show for it.  Attitude, faith, hope, desires were all off. 

The Bible brought me back not a preacher or a church, but the Bible. I look around and I see Christians hurting as I was.  In that hurting place, we are not fulfilling our purpose as Christians of serving, glorifying and making a difference for him. 

I want to encourage them. I want to pick them up when they fall down and help them stay on the narrow path.  So I reach for the thing that encourages me the words of the BIBLE.  Join me.  

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 I promise not to fill your mailbox with junk.   Your time is valuable as is mine, so short and sweet is what I aim for in my emails and posts.  I am just starting down this road and excited to have you with me.   I send out about 4 emails a month aiming for one a week.  


Thank you and God Bless.  


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